10 tips that helped our B2B SaaS product score a 60+ NPS in the midst of a pandemic

  1. Decide on a default rather than options. For example, giving users an option to see a grid view or a list view is always nice, but start with a default, always. Also, think of this as ‘Convention over Configuration’.
  2. Create one path to a feature or task. Creating multiple paths not only causes user confusion but also leads to technical overhead when improving a feature.
  3. Stick with the changes you make. We’re always too tempted to redesign features, but we don’t account for the energy required to unlearn something old and then learn something new. Most features take months to get complete adoption, so avoid changing things too quickly if you’re not seeing enough usage. A feature we launched last October (2019) is only starting to gain traction after a few months despite weeks of nudging users to use it. We finally saw adoption when we had some early users get quick success with it and then let user-marketing run its course.
  1. Single Sign-On (SSO).
  2. Fine-grained roles and permissions for view/edit/download/delete on various core objects.
  3. Territories if your product is used by sales or service.
  4. Force logout and password reset capability.
  5. Enforced password requirements such as: 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase, 1 digit, 1 special character etc.
  6. Force change of passwords every 90 days.
  7. Multi-Factor Authentication.
  8. Usage reports and time spent in the application.
  1. Install an SSL Certificate
  2. Encrypt data in transit and at rest
  3. Perform PEN tests regularly
  4. Maintain logs for all activity, but only store non-sensitive data in logs
  5. Limit production environment access
  6. Put strong firewalls in place and only open necessary ports
  7. Get a DPA in place for GDPR
  8. Get SOC2 certified. It is a painful and expensive process but goes a long way when dealing with enterprise IT.



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Amay Jhaveri

Amay Jhaveri

Product Leader for Enterprise SaaS